A steerable catheter that heals an aneurysm – sounds incredible?
Nature (the legs and tails of microorganisms) was the main inspiration for engineers and doctors from University of California in San Diego of this device.
Unlike traditional catheters, this form of the tool allows for easy guidance and movement of the tip of the microcatheters to access the aneurysm.

How does it work?

The catheter is inserted through the handheld controller. The surgeon introduces physiological fluid into the tip of the catheter to control it by computer.The catheter has four slots. Superelastic, polymer catheters move with the participation of potassium salt.
Each slot is half the diameter of human hair. Manual control of the catheter in 3D space allows you to reach the cerebral vessels precisely. Rupture of aneurysms is a problem for over 160 million people worldwide. There is a problem that appears after the age of 50.  A bladder forms in the middle of the brain. The risk of aneurysm rupture increases with age. That is why medical tests and measures are so important to prevent complications that may occur after an aneurysm rupture.


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