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We are specialized in comprehensive biocompatibility testing according to the all series of ISO 10993 biological evaluation of medical devices – but not only! We are constantly developing our labs to offer more services for your medical devices:

  • Microbiology and sterility testing
  • Package validation
  • Reprocessing validation
  • Consulting services

In European Biomedical Institute you can also order biological reactivity tests, toxicology, and safety tests of:

Our high standard equipment and qualified personnel let us test efficiently, precisely, and fast. We have passed the Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) certification. Our quality system is fully compliant with ISO 17025:2017. We care about quality and reproducibility of our results.

The wide range of tests conducted here makes the product development process short and cost-effective. Just contact us to talk about your needs!

European Biomedical Institute – a place where curiosity and precision meet cutting-edge technology.


A new discovery involving cytotoxic T cells in human cancer therapy

Recent research proves that T cells can hunt and kill cancer cells by overloading them with toxic weapons. Cytotoxic T lymphocytes are part of our immune system. White blood cells recognize and eliminate threats, including cancer cells and cells infected with invasive viruses such as SARS-CoV-2, which causes COVID-19. The ability to kill target cells is strictly regulated and depends on the stimulation of the appropriate receptors. The discovery of Professor Gillian Griffiths …
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The concept of biocompatibility refers to the interaction between the tissues and the physiological systems of a patient treated with a medical device. The biocompatibility assessment is part of the overall device safety assessment. Medical device biocompatibility assessment is actually carried out in order to ensure patient safety. When programming a biocompatibility test, manufacturers need to consider their compliance objectives and risks. In fact, medical device biocompatibility evaluation is a risk assessment …
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To ensure high-quality services, our laboratory implemented and maintains internationally recognized quality standards: Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) and ISO 17025.

GLP – Quality system implemented by European Biomedical Institute . It defines a set of rules and criteria for studies that are planned, performed and monitored, and their results are recorded, reported and archived. It is possible to trace the course of the study or its complete reconstruction. European Biomedical Institute is GLP certified.

ISO 17025 – The quality management standard, implemented to standardize the technical requirements and requirements of management system, intended for research laboratories. Our management system is based on the ISO 17025 standard. European Biomedical Institute is ISO 17025 accredited.