Accelerated Aging

START 5 Accelerated Aging

1. Turnaround time: Accelerated Aging Time + 2 weeks
2. Sample Requirements: depends Customer requirements

ASTM F1980

Accelerated aging is usually performed in conjunction with stability and toxicological tests to ascertain integrity of medical. For accelerated aging, test articles are stored in an environmental chamber under specified and controlled temperature, time duration and humidity. Accepted mathematical algorithms are used to calculate the effect of accelerated aging.


Accelerated Aging Calculator

  1. Type the target shelf life (Days)               
  2. Type desired TAA & TRT Values               
  3. Q10 value can be changed, however, default is Q10=2.0, we recommend holding this constant               
  4. Accelerated Aging Factor is automatically calculated and provided here for reference   
  5. Resultant chamber conditioning time (days) is calculated and automatically rounded up to the next full day