Semi-Volatile Organic Compounds (SVOC)

START 5 Semi-Volatile Organic Compounds (SVOC)

1. Biological Effect: Physical and/or Chemical information
2. Turnaround time: 8 weeks
3. Sample Requirements:


30 cm² (test item < 0.5 mm thick);
15 cm² (test item ≥ 0.5 mm thick);
5 grams each;
5 ml each;
at least 3 test items;

4. Vehicle: polar, semi-polar, non-polar


Gas chromatography coupled with mass spectrometry (GC-MS) is an analytical method that uses mass spectrometry to identify test substances in a sample.

In contrast to LC-MS, the GC-MS technique has extensive compound databases that enable automatic identification of the analytes via the device.

The mass detector (MS) is a universal detector, more sensitive than FID, but also much more expensive to buy and operate.


ISO 10993-18


This is a study for semi-volatile organic compounds from medical device extract. An extraction is performed according to ISO 10993-12 and ISO 10993-18. Procedure makes use of internal standards. Dose of each extract is injected into the GC-MS (gas chromatography coupled with a mass spectrometer) for analysis and identification.