All activities related to the maintenance and use of laboratory animals are required by national and international standards and regulations. In our work, we operate in accordance with applicable legal regulations and the latest guidelines of non-governmental organizations.

  • All procedures are carried out at European Biomedical Institute Animal Facility with the prior approval of the Local Ethics Committee.
  • European Biomedical Institute Animal Facility is in register of users of laboratory animals under the number 0054.
  • Animal Facility is under the supervision of the Veterinary Inspectorate and National Ethical Committee for Animal Experiments.
  •    Personnel involved in the care of animals and carrying out procedures have the appropriate education, training and experience.
  • At the European Biomedical Institute Animal Farm, the Animal Welfare Advisory Team is appointed for this purpose to ensure animal welfare.


Our unit is equipped with an innovative animal keeping system (IVC – individual ventilated cage). The living space for each individual complies with the requirements of national and international directives and standards. The ventilation system is equipped with devices that maintain constant temperature and humidity, and ensure a constant number of air changes. With the animals well-being in mind, each cage is equipped with elements to enrich the environment.

„3R” :Replacement, Reduction, Refinement

In our work, we use the principles of improvement and ethical use of laboratory animals described as “3R: Replacement, Reduction, Refirement”.

Whenever possible, we use the Replace method. The tests are then carried out by the

  • European Biomedical Institute In Vitro Research Team. However, when it is not possible, we limit the number of animals used in experiments as much as possible and try to use methods that reduce animal suffering and improve animal welfare.